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Notice of Intent to Sell Real Estate

Town of St. Johnsbury


The Selectboard of the Town of St. Johnsbury hereby gives notice pursuant to 24 VSA Sec. 1061 of its intent to sell real estate.

  1. Property Description

The land and premises proposed to be sold is more particularly described as follows:

Being a parcel of land with buildings and other improvements thereon, known and numbered as 341 River Road, and being all and the same lands and premises conveyed to the Town of St. Johnsbury by Tax Collector’s Deed of John S. Hall, Town Manager and Collector of Taxes of and for the Town of St. Johnsbury which deed is dated February 19, 2015 and recorded in Book 393, Page 187 of the St. Johnsbury Land Records.

Said lands and premises are further described as being all and the same lands and premises conveyed to Kenneth J. Stowell, Sr. by Warranty Deed of Betty J. Bull dated October 8, 2004 and recorded in Book 298, Page 401 of the St. Johnsbury Land Records.

Reference may be had to the above-mentioned deed and its record and to all prior deeds and their records for a more complete and particular description of the land and premises hereby conveyed.

  1. Proposed Sale

The Town of St. Johnsbury intends to solicit sealed bids and to sell the property for the highest acceptable bid payable in cash at closing and to deliver a Limited Warranty Deed therefore.


Notice is hereby given that if a Petition signed by 5% of the legal voters of the Town of St. Johnsbury objecting to the proposed conveyance is presented to the St. Johnsbury Town Clerk on or before December 25, 2016 the Selectboard shall cause the question of whether the Municipality shall convey the real estate to be considered at a special or annual meeting called for that purpose.

If no Petition is filed pursuant to 24 VSA Sec. 1061 (a) (2) the Selectboard will cause a deed of said land and premises to be signed and delivered to the person who submits the highest acceptable bid as set forth above.

Dated at St. Johnsbury, in the County of Caledonia and State of Vermont, this 12th day of November, 2016.


Jeffrey Moore, Chairman

Tim Angell

Kevin Oddy

Tom Moore

Jamie Murphy

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