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March 14 Storm Prep

Hi All,

Currently, based on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) St Johnsbury is expecting snow to begin tomorrow morning with 4-8 inches of accumulation during the day with up to an additional 12-inches of snow predicted for Tuesday night and Wednesday. (see the forecast at the following link:

The Department of Public Works will begin pre-treating paved roads in the morning to avoid icy patches, and will begin plowing activity when accumulations are around 2-inches, and will continue through the storm.  During periods of heavy snowfall travelers can expect accumulation of snow in excess of 4-6".  Plowing activity will continue until the end of the storm, which is anticipated late on Wednesday.

The sidewalk plow will be out, but as streets and driveways are plowed, snow and slush are pushed into the sidewalks until they can be cleaned up following the storm. 

The Town will be working on Thursday to get streets and sidewalks cleaned up after the storm. 

Weather forecasts are predicting another storm possible on Saturday and we will be watching those reports to determine if snow will be hauled from the downtown immediately following this storm or if we will wait until after this weekend's event to combine the efforts. 

Everyone drive safely and feel free to reach out to our offices with any questions.

Thank you,

Hugh Wescott

Director of Public Works

2017 Consumer Confidence Report

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Availability of Monitoring Data for Unregulated Contaminants for ST JOHNSBURY WATER SYSTEM

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