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Fire Chief Job Desription





Pay Classification: Salary

Department: Fire

Job Summary

To direct and manage the Town of St. Johnsbury Fire Department, including fire and emergency medical/rescue operations.

Supervision Received

The Fire Chief works under the general direction of the Town Manager.

Supervision Given

The Fire Chief will be responsible for the administrative and functional supervision, direct and indirect, of full time and on-call firefighters as well as the code compliance officer.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a list of the more common duties attributable to the position of Fire Chief. This list may not be all inclusive and may be amended from time to time by the Town Manager as circumstances may dictate.

1. Plan, implement, administer, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate all functions and services of the?Town Fire Department, including operating policies and procedures. Develop and modify services and systems in accordance with Town needs and resources, as well as changing technical methods.

2. Exercise full supervisory authority, directly and indirectly, over regular full time employees, as well as on?call firefighters. Plan, conduct or oversee training programs and staff meetings. Confer regularly with supervisors and staff to plan, coordinate and evaluate activities/policies/systems, assign and review work, assist with difficult or unusual tasks, resolve problems, and general management of the department. Plan master work schedules. Oversee payroll. Advise on hiring of new employees.

3. Develop, request and administer the department operating budget. Advise Town officials on capital purchases of vehicles, equipment and staffing levels.

4. Carry out a variety of key department planning and evaluation functions, related to staffing, training, policies and procedures development, fire protection and rescue master plans, capital purchases, fire prevention programs, etc.

5. Plan and oversee the administration of appropriate departmental record­ keeping and reporting systems.

6. Monitor all department operations on a regular basis, including regular station work, on scene firefighting, vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair, fire inspections, and educational activities. Deal with a variety of problems that arise on a daily basis. Ensure that all department operations comply with established professional and technical standards, as well as local ordinances and state laws.

7. Directly supervise or oversee on?scene firefighting or rescue operations as appropriate.

8. Conduct investigations of cause of fires, in collaboration with Police or other jurisdictional personnel as appropriate, and prepare reports of findings.

9. Confer regularly with Town officials and other Town personnel to plan, coordinate and evaluate activities/systems/policies, exchange information, investigate and resolve problems, and management of Town business. Serve on various Town committees.

10. Serve a variety of liaison functions with outside individuals and organizations, including other fire/rescue operations, the media, schools, community organizations, individual residents and business owners, and so forth.

11. Prepare a variety of administrative/operations reports.

12. Keep abreast of, and advise Town officials regarding, current developments in the field.

13. Serve as the Emergency Management Director for the Town and update the Emergency           Operations Plan as needed.

14. May serve as the Town Forest Fire Warden.

15. Oversee and coordinate with the American Red Cross on Emergency Shelters.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required

Broad and in?depth technical knowledge and skills related to fire suppression, training and prevention; search and rescue; and emergency medical treatment. Excellent planning, organizational, administrative, personnel and budget management skills, with considerable previous supervisory experience. Experience with the full range of municipal fire department operations. ? Ability to work: cooperatively with and represent the department to outside fire/rescue agencies, as well as Town officials and personnel, and a variety of community organizations, individuals and businesses. Ability to physically perform all job duties.   Reside within the Town.  Valid driver's license. Available for 24 hour on?call duty.

Minimum Qualifications Required

Associate's or bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline, with formal training in fire science, plus 7 to 10 years of relevant experience, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired.

Note: Special Exertion/Environmental Conditions

The nature of this position requires extended hours of work in order to meet deadlines and seasonal workloads. Periodically, the Fire Chief will be required to attend meetings with other Town officials which may be held during evening hours, weekends or holidays throughout all seasons of the year. Occasional overnight travel to attend training programs may also be required. Position requires regular access to a reliable means of transportation throughout the year in all seasons and weather.

A.D.A. Requirements

The position has normal vision requirements in order to operate a computer. Position requires being able to read and write. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions.


  • Typical work schedule shall be a 40 hour work week Monday- Friday,      7AM-4PM
  • The Chief provides direct oversight of the Code Compliance Officer      in coordination and under the direction of the Town Manager’s office.
  • Chief may adjust work schedule as necessary in consideration of      emergency calls, work outside the typical work schedule, training and      emergency incidents.
  • Chief may at times work outside of the normal work schedule to      accommodate operational needs of the department.
  • Chief shall be provided with a cell phone for 24 hour access.

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