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Municipal Government


St. Johnsbury is a municipality in Caledonia County, Vermont. It is governed by a Selectboard and managed by the Town Manager who is appointed by the Selectboard. As a Vermont municipality St. Johnsbury government follows the policy and procedures established by the State of Vermont Statute Title 24 and published in the Secretary of State Handbooks.

St. Johnsbury receives additional guidance as a member of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns [VCLT].

The Town is governed by its adopted Charter, Municipal Bylaws, and Ordinance.

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Rental Housing Code Compliance Update:  as of March 26, 2020 the Town of St. Johnsbury will be suspending the routine rental housing inspections until further notice.  The Town Health Officer will continue to review and determine how best to respond to health and safety complaints.  For more information please contact Chief Bouffard at (802) 748-8925.


 2019 Town Report

2019 Town Manager’s Report:

Another year has passed and again I would like to thank the Select Board, residents, businesses, property owners and my staff for the opportunity to work with the Town of St Johnsbury. The Town Manager’s report last year identified both public and private investment projects that we were looking forward to see getting under way, including the distillery, and new restaurants on Railroad Street, the New Avenue Hotel and the Riverfront Bike Path projects.   The New Avenue and Riverfront Bike Path projects are currently underway, and in addition to the restaurant and distillery, we have seen the opening of several other businesses including a coffee shop and a brewery.

Improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Facility are complete. Planning is underway for our next CSO separation and utility project in the Gilman Avenue, Pleasant Street, Concord Avenue neighborhood, and final designs for the Water Treatment Facility are also underway.

The Town continues to receive positive reports from our annual audit positioning us to take full advantage of programs offered by funding partners such as the Vermont Department of Transportation, USDA Rural Development, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, thanks to financial management by our Finance Director, Lesley Russ and support provided by the Town Clerk and Treasurer, Stacy Jewell and her office.

Assistant Town Manager Joe Kasprzak worked diligently with the Housing Committee to develop a rental housing improvement grant program utilizing a portion of the proceeds from the long term rental housing registration program to reinvest in our housing stock. Joe has also maintained close contact with agencies such as the Vermont Department of Housing, Agency of Commerce and Community Development and Council on Rural Development in the interest of the Town of St Johnsbury. It is critical for the Town to remain focused on economic development efforts and opportunities available to St Johnsbury businesses.

The code compliance program has been moved into the Fire Department under Chief Jon Bouffard and the Town welcomed Fire Marshall Andrew Buckley to our team who is responsible for rental unit inspections. Chief Bouffard will play an important role in our evaluation of fire and emergency services from a regional standpoint with our partners in neighboring communities.  

Police Chief Timothy Page continues to work to overcome recruitment and retention challenges that are seen in police departments across the country.   I would like to thank the officers of the St Johnsbury Police Department for their commitments to the safety of the Town of St Johnsbury during staffing shortages and recognize officers Schartner and Gerrish for their exceptional work at the Vermont Police Academy where they graduated first and second in their class. Dispatch Operations Manager Anthony Skelton continues to prove to be an exceptional choice to oversee our Dispatch Center. His dedication to Emergency Dispatching Services is evident as our dispatch center continues to improve their operations.

The Department of Public Works welcomes new leadership in Director Steven Beauregard. Steven has already jumped in with new insights and suggestions to improve the management of our road system. Combined sewer separation continues to be the driver in our major infrastructure improvement projects, similar to the Pleasant Street and Gilman Avenue project which are progressing toward construction in the next year.

I would like to thank the department heads, administrative staff and the Select Board for their participation throughout the budget development process. The proposed 2020-2021 budget maintains appropriate reserve funds for future equipment replacement, and maintains the level of service currently provided by the Town.

Our office doors are open, and I always look forward to hearing from residents, business owners and visitors.

Thank you,

Chad L. Whitehead
Town Manager


Job Listings:


Police Department- Officer


Calex- Board of Directors (Volunteer)

- Please contact Heather Alger to apply, 802-748-3926 x6 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours

8:00 am - 4:30 pm - and by appointment during other hours.

Office Location

Pomerleau Building, 51 Depot Square, Suite 3

Office Telephone Number:  802-748-3926