Town of St. Johnsbury



Welcome to the Town Clerk/Treasurer's Office

The Town Clerk/Treasurer's office is located at the Pomerleau Building at 51 Depot Square on the first floor. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. There is a drop box on the outside of the front doors for after hour payments. The Town Clerk/Treasurer’s Office can be contacted by phone: 802-748-4331, fax: 802-748-1267, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and by mail: Town of St. Johnsbury, 51 Depot Square, Suite 101, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Parking is located in front of the building.


- Stacy Jewell serves as both the Town Clerk and Town Treasurer for a three year term.

- Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurers: Diane Perkins, Maureen Webster, and Kelly Willey.

The Town Clerk’s Office handles: Land records, vital records, dog licenses, motor vehicle renewals, elections and voter registration.  Please follow links below for the state’s new voter registration website.

The Treasurer’s Office handles: Tax bills and payments, water/sewer billing and payments, parking permits and parking ticket payments.  Taxes are due twice a year, water/sewer billing is done quarterly and due the first of the month. We do accept credit card payements over the telephone or in person, there is a 3.5% convenience fee that does apply.

2019 Property Tax Rates (click here)


July 1: Recording fee's increase.

July 1: Application required to receive certified copies of birth or death certificates.

October 18: First installment of 2019 taxes due.

 Marriage Licenses:


A Vermont resident being married in Vermont must purchase a marriage license from the Town Clerk of the town he or she resides in. An out-of-state resident may purchase a marriage license from any Vermont Town Clerk. The marriage license may be used on the day it is purchased, and then it is good for 60 days. 
Both individuals must know their mother's maiden names and the state where each parent was born. If there was a previous marriage/civil union for either individual, they must know the month and year that the previous marriage/civil union ended. If it was within the last 12 months, they must provide documentation of the final date. There are no blood tests required in Vermont.

Dog Licenses: 

$13.00 if spayed or neutered, $17.00 if not spayed or neutered, $10.00 late fee for any dogs licensed after April 1.

All dogs over the age of 6 months are required by state law to be licensed before April 1 of each year. To license a dog, you must have a current rabies certificate. Dogs under 2 must have been vaccinated within the last 12 months; dogs over 2 years of age must have been vaccinated within 36 months. The rabies certificate needs to be the original received from and signed by the veterinarian.

Motor Vehicle Registration:

The Town Clerk's Office provides temporary motor vehicle registration renewals if you have the renewal from the state and it was issued in the current month or 2 previous months. You must have a check or money order made out to the state for the amount of the registration (the state will not accept cash.) There is a $3 processing fee for the town, which can be paid in a separate check or in cash.

Voter Registration:

If you are a resident of the Town of St. Johnsbury, you may register to vote in the Town Clerk's Office or on the Secretary of States website.You will also be automaticly registered to vote when you update your drivers license with DMV. If you have never before registered to vote in the State of Vermont, we will administer the Voter's Oath. We encourage voters to log into their My Voter Page to learn more. 


 For more information about Marriages, Voting, Businesses, and Municipal Government in Vermont go to