Town of St. Johnsbury


Economic and Community Development

St. Johnsbury's Economic and Community Development is focused on building a stronger and more resilient community, industrial base, and markets for it's products and services. The Town Plan sets the overall direction and strategy through goals and policy while the town manager's office ensures successful managment of work that has been approved by the Select Board for investment.

The Economic Development Office of the town manager's office works with community task forces and committees along with Developers and Investors to identify and prioritize the Town's Community Development initiatives. Together they take action to address the requirements of and to obtain the assets needed to achieve the top priority goals of the Town. Activities and investment may support the following:

  • improve town infrastructure;
  • enhance public services;
  • expand the economic base;
  • install public facilities;
  • grow community centers;
  • rehabilitate and develop housing;
  • provide business assistance;  
  • provide homeowner assistance;
  • build risk mitigation and emergency operations plans (learn more here);
  • enable code enforcement (read more here);
  • and meet other identified needs that continue to renew the town.

The Town is cuncurrently working on several high priority multi-year programs targeted to reinforce or build the foundation needed for economic growth. The goal is to make St. Johnsbury a strong, vital, and prosperous town in  Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom. These programs and initiatives include:

Improve town infrastructure and Enhance Public Services: DPW Program to improve the potable water, waste water and storm water systems; Streetscape and parks redesign and development; Bike/Ped Safety Program - route 5 and Main Street intersection redesign; Waste Management and Recycling Program Oversight.

Grow Community Centers: St. Johnsbury Riverfront Redevelopment; Mixed Use and Residential Neighborhood renewal; Redevelop and Revitalize Downtown Buildings

Rehabilitate and develop housing, lead by the Housing Committee and Taskforce:  Landlord & Rental Housing Program; Housing Assessment Study; Drug Enforcement Program

Code Enforcement: Zoning Administration Program; Municipal Civil Code Compliance Program

Provide Homeowner Assistance: Housing Maintenance & Purchase Incentive Program

Risk Mitigation Plans:

Business assistance: Economic Development Committee: Intern Housing Program


To learn more about the work and accomplishments of the town's Community Development initiatives click on a topic in the left side margin.