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The St. Johnsbury Fire Department is a combination fire department serving the largest community in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Situated in the Eastern-Central portion of Caledonia County, St. Johnsbury sits ten miles from the Connecticut River and New Hampshire border, and 45 miles from Canada. In the middle 1800's the Fairbanks family invented the platform scale which provided a large amount of employment prompting the development of many large historic structures that remain today. During the early 1900's the Maple Grove Farms factory was established and they remain the largest supplier of pure maple syrup and maple candies in the world.

The fire department protects a variety of different occupancies including several distinct residential settlements made up of large 2.5 story to 4 story homes. Our commercial and industrial districts continue to provide a variety of employment opportunities, and serves as the hub of the Northeast Kingdom for services. We are home to the St. Johnsbury/Lyndon Industrial park which includes several large scale industrial buildings, all with sprinkler and hydrant protection.  Although a commercial center for the Kingdom, St. Johnsbury also has many miles of rural country with old homes and farmlands. The St. Johnsbury Fire Department serves all areas of the town and we protect the entire 38 square miles of St. Johnsbury.

St. Johnsbury Fire Department is most known for its historically large and devastating fires. Through the years we have experienced fires that have destroyed large portions of our Downtown District and claimed the lives of several citizens. The tightly packed ordinary construction that makes up the majority of our Downtown continues to be a threat to firefighters and the civilians living in them.

The Fire department was established on October 31, 1843 with the first hose company, "The Torrent" located in the former Fairbanks village. Over the years the department has progressed from 5 separate volunteer companies throughout the town, to the current single firehouse with 10 full-time employees, and 20 paid-on call firefighters.

The department has expanded the services it offers as well to include; first response to medical emergencies, auto extrication's, hazardous material incidents, technical rescue operations, fire prevention, and more. SJFD has been identified as one of the regional response teams for disasters in Vermont, and have been supplied with a hazardous materials response trailer, and a technical rescue operations trailer. These units contain everything needed to initially contain a spill or release, and set up for a large decontamination, as well as setting up and operating in the technical rescue discipline. Working in conjunction with the Vermont State Haz-Mat Team, and other regional technical rescue response teams, the trailers are an asset to this community and the surrounding ones.

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