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History of the St. Johnsbury Fire DepartmentTorret Hose Company #1 at Fairbanks Village

The St. Johnsbury Fire Department was organized, and began fire protection on October 31st 1843. The first official fire company, Torrent Engine Company No. 1 was established on April 19, 1844 and located in Fairbanks Village. The company protected the village and the Fairbanks Scale Works. Throughout the years companies were established in the other village areas of Summerville, East Village and, Center Village. In 1912 a Central Fire Station was built on Eastern Ave. where Catamount Arts now stands. Full-time firefighters were employed to man the Chemical Engine (Combination #1) and the Hook and Ladder truck (Excelsior H&L Co. #1).

Current firehouse and municipal building on Main Street.In 1923 the municipal building was built on Main Street, housing the new fire station. When the department moved from Eastern Ave. to the new firehouse the remaining fire companies throughout the town were either consolidated or disbanded. The fire department still operates out of this firehouse today, along with the police department and town offices.



Town of St. Johnsbury Vermont
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