Town of St. Johnsbury



The St. Johnsbury Housing Committee and Task Force was established in July 2015 when the community recognized "there is room and opportunity to expand and improve housing across the spectrum in downtown St. Johnsbury." The taskforce quickly recognized that the issues related to having clean, safe, compliant, housing for a diverse population is not liimted to the downtown district. It is an issue within each of our neighbohoods that impedes the Town's ability to bring not only new business but also, to encourage people to resettle into St. Johnsbury.

The task force and Town Management defined and/or pledged support for key initiatives that enable the turnaround of housing value and marketability throughout the town. These include:

Housing Assessment study: This study is scheduled for completion in June, 2017. It will provide insight into the current state of the housing inventory. The Housing Study RFP solicited and hired a consulting partner to deliver the study to the committee. From this study the Committee will define a renewal plan and recommend priorities for investment to Town management.

Landlord and rental housing program: The Landlord and rental housing program focuses on and facilitates action that enables Landlords to be successful while ensuring the Town has safe, clean, compliant housing for the full demographic of residents targeted for growth in the Town Plan: Young families, professionals, established retirees, second home owners, and  income-supported families and individuals. Read the Code of Civil Ordinance: Chapter 6 - Housing for  the specfic requirements of the Housing Code and obligations of property owners. 

Rental Housing Code compliance: The code compliance program provides on the ground support with other Town Departments as they work with residents and property owners to ensure compliance with the Municipal Housing Code of Civil Ordinance. This code supports the Town's goals to have clean and safe rental housing throughout all neighborhoods. All rental housing units must be registered with the town annually and be inspected for code compliance according to Town policy and a the public inspection schedule. 

Vacant Building Registration: Residents are required to register with the town, and maintain, any building that is vacant for 120 days or more. 

You can learn more about compliance with the housing code of civil ordiance here: link to code compliance page