Town of St. Johnsbury



Population of: < 5,000 5,000 & Over  Governing Statute(s)
Assessment Date  April 1  April 1  §3651 
Latest Abstract of Individual Lists can be Lodged  June 4   June 24 §§4111(a), 4341 
Latest Change of Appraisal Notices Can be Sent June 4  June 24  §§4111(a), 4341  
Latest Date to Commence Grievancs June 19  July 9  §§§4111(c), 4221, 4341  
Latest Date to File Grievances  June 19  July 9  §§4111(g), 4341  
Grievance Hearings End  July 2  July 22  §§4221, 4341 
Result of Grievances Mailed July 9 July 29 §§4224, 4341 
Latest Date Grand List Can be Lodged  July 25  August 14   §§4151, 4341 
Deadline for Filing Appeal to BCA  14 days from date of  14 days from date of   §§4224, 4404(a)  
BCA Hearings Begin   14 days aftr appeal deadline to BCA 14 days aftr appeal deadline to BCA  §4404(b)


 A word about deadlines

Taxpayer deadlines. The law comtemplates "the grievance meeting" to be a one-day affair, 32 V.S.A §4111(g), while recognizing that grievances often spill over into additional days. The statutes therefore provide that  a grievance meeting continues unitl all grievances are heard 32 V.S.A §§4121-22. The continuance of the grievance meeting, however, does not change the deadline by which grievances must be lodged. Taxpayers who wish to grieve must get a written notice of an appeal to the board of listers on or before the grievance date stated in the change of appraisal notice. Any grievance notice received after that date- even if received while the listers are hearing grievances due to continuances - does not meet the requriement of being filed "at or prior to the time fixed for hearing appeals." 32 V.S.A §4222, is untimely and should not be heard.