Town of St. Johnsbury


The grader information below is subject to change depending on weather.  Please check back as it is updated.

During the months of June, July, August and September the grader will be completing regular gravel road maintenance.  If your road has damage that DPW should be made aware of please call 748-4408 or 748-3926x2. 

Significant rain events require the grader to assist with some of the most severe washouts which may result in deviation from this schedule.  Not all roads that are included in regular grading are listed below, the intent is to identify the area and projected schedule.

Week of May 27 and June 3- Spaulding Hill area will be graded including Rodds Road.  Lackey Hill Bible Hill Pisgah Road followed by New Boston Road and Pierce Mill Road.

Week of June 10 and June 17- Stark District including Bennett Road, Coffin Road, Elliot Road, Diamond Hill Road, Sylvain Road, Bedor Road, etc.. Followed by Mt Pleasant Extension, Prue Road, Goss Hollow Road, Libby Road, Rabbit Plain Road, Spinster Drive, Ski Town Road and surrounding roads.

Week of June 24 and July 1- West Hill area, Crow Hill, Lawrence Hill, Library Road, Tilton Road, Jonson Road and Farr Road. Followed by Parker Avenue, Mud Hollow, Hutchinson Road, Chesterfield Hollow Dillon Drive and roads in East St Johnsbury.