Town of St. Johnsbury



St. Johnsbury Water Department

Water Filtration Plant & Water System Operators

Daniel Gray (Plant Supervisor & Chief Operator)

N/A (Assistant Operator, Part Time)

The St. Johnsbury Water Filtration Plant produces and delivers approximately one million gallons (1,000,000) of water per day and is capable of producing three million (3,000,000) gallons per day, produced by three one million gallon per day Filter Units.  The source water is Stiles Pond.

Filtration & Chemical Treatment:

Pre Filtration (Raw Water):  

Coagulant = Liquid Aluminum Sulfate & Non-Ionic Polymer

Taste & Odor Control (Oxidation) = Liquid Potassium Permanganate & Sodium Hypochlorite Solution


Multi-Media Filtration (Aggregate Media = Anthracite Coal & Sand)

 Post Filtration (Finished Water):   

Disinfection = Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

PH Correction = Sodium Hydroxide Solution

Dental Health = Hydrofluorsilicic Acid (Fluoride)

 The Finished Water then enters two Clearwells (600,000 gallon capacity) for Disinfection Contact Time prior to Water System delivery.

 The Water System consists of approximately 56 miles of distribution pipelines in size from 20" to 4" and supplies water to 1,800 customers with a resident service population of about 6,900. The Water System delivers water from its source in Waterford, North to the Lyndonville Town Line and South to the entire Water System of Passumpsic.

The Water System reaches south to north for nine miles and west to east for five miles for a total coverage of 45 square miles. Within these 45 square miles the Water System utilizes seven Water Storage Tanks with a total capacity of three million gallons of reserve water and three Pump Stations to maintain and deliver water to the Storage Tanks.

 The Plant/System Operator monitors and responds (24/7) to 60+ Alarm Points/Parameters throughout the Water System.

 This is only a quick description and outlines the major points of the Water System; it does not include the numerous water quality sampling, lab work, monitoring instruments and mechanical machinery or daily duties to maintain this equipment and the facilities. 

Water System Awards: 

The St. Johnsbury Water System has received the CDC’s “Water Fluoridation Quality Award” for seven consecutive years, 2006 thru 2012 and is anticipating the 2013 Award.

Operator Awards:

Daniel Gray:  Green Mountain Water Environment Association's 2011     “Water Operator Excellence Award”.

Vermont Water Supply Division Evaluation: 

On March 20th 2012 the St. Johnsbury Water Filtration Plant was evaluated by the Vermont Water Supply Division Staff, Ray Solomon (Environmental Scientist) and David Webb (Division Engineer).

A thorough evaluation was conducted outlining the Plant Treatment Process and Water Quality, as a result it was indicated that the St. Johnsbury Water Filtration Plant is producing some of the best Turbidity (water clarity) Results in the State.

Ray Solomon also indicated that he will attempt to apply the St. Johnsbury Chemical Coagulation Scheme at other Filtration Plants in the State that utilize similar Filtration/Treatment Technology.