Town of St. Johnsbury


Civil Code Compliance and Zoning Land Use Compliance

The Code of Civil Ordinances and the Zoning and Subdivision Code of Ordinances (Bylaws) document the local laws of the town that every resident must know and is held accountable to. These in combination with State and Federal regulations advise us of what we are required to do, how we must do it, and what the consequence is if a law is not followed. Below is further information related to these two sets of municipal rules.

Planning and Zoning Land Use and Subdivision - Code Compliance


Municipal Civil Code of Ordinance - Code Compliance

The Civil Code of the Town is the set of laws that each resident should be very familiar with. Below is a table that references each set of rules and who is responsible for enforcing it. Judicial Bureau tickets are issued for offenses. These tickets are heard by the Judicial Bureau Court and carry a fine of up to $800 per occurance.

Ordinance  Description Enforcement
Animals (Chapt 3)  

 This set of laws regulates the keeping of dogs and wolf hybrids to protect public health and safety. 

Town Clerk - licensing

Animal Control Officer

Health Officer

Fire Prevention and Protection (Chapt 5) This set of laws prescribes the minimum standards consistent with nationally recognized good practce for the safeguarding of life and property from the hazards of fire.  Fire Safety Officer aka. Town Fire Chief
Housing (Chapt 6)  The purpose of this set of laws is to establish the reasonably necessary measures to abate the public nuisances, blight, negative housing market impact, and other harmful effects connected with dangerous and vacant or abandoned buildings, structures and lands, consistent with the authority vested in the Town to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through the regulation of construction, maintenance, repair, and alternation of buildings, structures, and properties within the Town. 

Health Officer

Code Compliance Officer

Licenses and Business Regulations

(Chapt 7)

This Chapter of ordinance Article I through Article V was repealed and relevant regulations that must be followed are in the Zoning and Subdivision Code of Ordinance and/or in State Law.

Article VI Street Performing Regulations was added in 2013 to encourage and set guidelines for street performances in public areas of the Town.  

Town Manager

Police Dept.

Miscellaneous Offenses

(Chapt 8)

Section 8-1 through 8-9 define various regulations that apply to every resident and/or person in the Town of St. Johnsbury. These include: Discharge of Firearms, Littering, Obstruction of Public Ways, Lointering, Possession/consumption of Alcohol in public places, Public Indecency, Objectionable Noise. 

Vt Certified Law Enforcement Officer

Parks and Recreation

(Chapt 9)

Oversight for Parks, Recreation,  and Trees on Public Land is described in this code. 

Recreation Board

Tree Warden

Streets, Sidewalks, and other Public Places

(Chapt 11)

This set of code describes the prohibited uses of Streets, Sidewalks, and other Town Properties. 

Town Manager

Police Dept.

Traffic and Vehicles

(Chapt 12)

Chapter 12 describes allowed and prohibited regulations for operating, standing, and/or parking motor vehicles, snowmobiles, and bicycles in the Town of St. Johnsbury. These rules and regulations are in addition to any State and Federal regulations governing the use of motor vehicles. 

Police Dept

Vt Certified Law Enforcement Officer


(Chapt 13)

The rules and regulations governing the use and operation of public and private Wastewater systems. 

Board of Selectmen

Public Works

Town Manager

 The below matrix provides links to reference material as well as forms for property owners and landlords. 

Vacant Housing Registration                     Property owners must register with the Town, and maintain, any building that is vacant for 120 or more days. This registration must be renewed annually for as long as the building is vacant.  Click this link and print the forms. Follow the instructions on the forms to register your Vacant building. 
Rental Unit Registration Any building that has a long-term rental unit and each of the rental units in the building must be registered with the Town  annually on or before July 1.   Click this link and print the registration forms.  Follow the instruction on the forms to register your Apartment Building and long term rental units.
Rental Unit Inspection

The Town will publish a rolling inspection schedule for every building. This schedule will be derived based on the published Town Long-Term Rental Policy.

You can request an off-cycle inspection. Click this link to print a request form.  

Click this link to print a copy of the inspection report that will be used by the code compliance officer to determine if your bulilding and units meet current rental unit housing code. 
Rental Unit Building Complliance  The ower of a building that has Long-term Rental units must ensure every unit and the common areas are compliant with the Code of Civil Ordinance: Chapter 6 - Housing regulations.  An INTERIM or FINAL Certificate of  Rental Unit Code Compliance will be created following the iinspection of each rental unit. A unit should not be rented if it is not compliant.  A sample copy of the Certificate of Rental Unit Compliance that will be issued following